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Bridges Begins English Immersion Program in Nicaragua

Thanks to a generous long-time donor and BTC supporter, Bridges to Community enrolled 9 students from our Nicaraguan partner communities in a 10-month English Immersion Program beginning in January 2023. The intensive course guarantees that, upon completion, the students will be proficient both in English and computer skills on a level ready to work in a call center.

The selected students have dire economic need and the desire to learn the language as a work tool for self-improvement and to increase family income. This program is supporting students who have finished high school but that do not have the financial resources to continue higher education. Some of the students had previously begun university but have had to withdraw due to a lack of financial resources, while others see the opportunity to work in a call center as a way to earn an income to support their family as well as to pay for university studies in the future.

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