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Bridges Surpasses Project Goals in 2023

Bridges is on a roll in 2023!

With seven houses already completed in the spring, Bridges continues our summer of volunteer groups that support our programming in health, education, housing and community development.

In May, Bridges expanded its efforts beyond housing and welcomed two university trips. Northeastern University conducted a public health trip, screening six communities for health issues, providing door-to-door health education, and organizing dental hygiene and first aid workshops. Meanwhile, our Carnegie Mellon University group focused on community development, offering art classes at a local elementary school and organizing a community-wide trash pick-up party to promote environmental protection. They also painted a mural at the high school, promoting community values.

In June, three more construction groups joined Bridges and successfully completed three houses within a week. Additionally, the Winchendon School painted a beautiful mural at La Guama elementary school.

With 6 weeks of summer remaining, Bridges will build three additional houses with generous volunteer support from Canada, Florida, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico. We will also initiate a new project focused on providing house repairs for families in need. Alongside fundraising for a house, July volunteers have raised funds to pour cement floors and replace rotting windows and doors for two homes. These efforts will increase Bridges' impact by improving house security and hygiene for these families.

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