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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my group travel?

All volunteer trips are currently traveling to the San Juan province of the Dominican Republic.

What is the minimum amount of volunteers to form a trip? Is there a maximum?

There is no minimum number of participants needed to form a volunteer group, but we encourage organizers to shoot for at least 8 volunteers. We can accommodate groups of up to 35 participants.  

What flight should I take?

Book your flight to Santo Domingo (airport code SDQ). It is best to arrive early afternoon or evening, and best to depart before 2pm the following weekend. Bridges to Community can accommodate other arrival times if the whole group is on the same flight.

When are the project and trip fee payments due?

All costs/fees associated with your trip, including the project cost and participant fees, must be paid in full 45 days before the start of the trip.

What is the community lodging like?

Our volunteers are housed in community centers in the communities we work in. Conditions are basic and consist of co-ed dorm space with bunk beds. Meals are cooked at a nearby site by local staff and provide a varied diet of typical Dominican cuisine. 

What is the food like?

Meals are cooked at a nearby kitchen by local staff, and provide a varied diet of typical Dominican cuisine. Most meals are vegetarian, but there will be some animal protein options offered during the week. Meals are served and eaten in an open space. Volunteers should feel free to bring their favorite snacks!

Will there be internet available on the trip?

There is wifi at the hotels at the beginning and end of the trip, but not during the week in the community. Most US cell companies offer international plans if you require daily access. Please keep in mind that cellular service is spotty in the community. We encourage volunteers to disconnect and fully immerse themselves in the experience!

Do I need vaccines?

Covid-19 vaccines are required and for all other recommended shots, volunteers are encouraged to refer to the CDC website and speak with their physician. There are no outbreaks or cases of listed possible illnesses in the communities where Bridges to Community works. Wearing sunblock and staying hydrated is key to staying happy and healthy on our service trips.

How do we communicate with friends and family back home?

With wifi access at the beginning and end of the trip, most individuals check in with their family to say they arrived safely. If you would like BTC staff to reach out to someone upon your arrival, or send a message during the week in the community, we can arrange it. Some volunteers opt to add data plans to their phones to be able to have direct communication as well, it's usually about $10 a day via your phone company, if you so choose.

Is there an opportunity to exchange American dollars to Dominican Pesos in the DR?

You can exchange money during the time in the capital Santo Domingo, Bridges staff will help you locate where this can be done. Almost everywhere accepts dollars in the touristic areas, so the pesos will mostly be for the time in the community- soda, chips, and laundry, if you choose. We would recommend changing $15-20 to pesos.

Is there a laundry service in the community where we will be staying?

Yes. Please speak with your trip leaders and they will help organize it for an additional fee.

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