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Bridges Builds 24 Latrines in Nicaragua

Bridges is excited to kick off our latrine project in Nindiri, Nicaragua where we plan to build 24 latrines in 2023 for families desperately in need.

In February 2023, Bridges began building our first 2 latrines. Isidra Hernández Contreras, our first beneficiary, lives with her husband, her 2 married sons, and 4 grandchildren. The Hernández family had built a latrine with their own efforts, but it no longer works and they currently use a neighbor's bathroom. They are incredibly grateful to receive this project that addresses a basic need for their family of 10.

The Bridges' latrine model provides a solid base and a secure structure. Families often attempt to build their own latrines, but the type of terrain, heavy rains, and lack of quality construction materials often see their time and effort wasted. Each family makes an in-kind contribution by digging the pit of the latrine. Community leaders and families are happy to begin the project as it is very common for families to not have a latrine or to share it with several other families.

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