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Ways to Fundraise

Personal emails with easy links/instructions to donate are the most effective way to raise funds. We find that using multiple fundraising avenues gives donors options and flexibility and therefore makes them more likely to give.


Network for Good is a third-party platform similar to GoFundMe, where you can write a personal narrative, set a fundraising goal, track your progress, and add offline gifts.  We will create a page for you to circulate to your friends and family. All funds are sent directly to Bridges and we handle all thank you and tax letters.  


Facebook fundraisers send your raised funds directly to Bridges. Please note donations are not itemized on the paperwork we receive, so your donors will not receive personal thank you/tax letters. 


Direct donations can be received on our website.  Please make sure that they note their gift is in honor of you so we can track your total funds raised. 


Send a check. Please have your donor include your name in the memo to:

Bridges to Community

PO Box

499 Crugers, NY 10521

Third-Party Fundraising Events are a great way to raise money while having a good time. These events are organized and run by you. Funds are collected by you and a lump sum check is sent to Bridges after your successful event. Your donors will not receive thank you/tax letters from Bridges. 

Additional Tips

Your Personal Story: The Key to Fundraising Success


Telling your personal story, either through a letter or an email, is the best way to raise money for Bridges to Community. Why? Because asking is the key to fundraising and people give to people. Telling your story puts a face on your fundraising efforts. 


Steps to Telling Your Story: Create a short and compelling letter. Be sure to include: 

1. Why you are going on this trip. 

2. Information about Bridges to Community. 

3. Your fundraising goal.

4. A direct ask to support your fundraising efforts with a donation.

5. Avenues of donating: directly to you, online through Network for Good, via Facebook, or directly to Bridges.

6. Your donation page link at least twice.

7. Assure your network that online giving is safe and secure and Bridges is a registered 501c3 charity working our mission since 1992.

8. Thank people for their support. (And send them a thank you note with photos and information on the project/program they supported) 


Ways to Market Your Story:  Send emails to family and friends. Try using your holiday card mailing list! 

• Include the link to your donation page to make it easy for people to respond. 

• Send an email to everyone in your email address book. 

• Update your fundraising page by signing on and following the simple instructions. − Tell your personal story and upload your own photo! 


More tips:

Utilize matching gifts: many companies match donations; since the trip fee is 100% tax-deductible, these funds are eligible for matching gifts too.

Get family, friends, and team members involved in fundraising: ask them to forward your emails to their network to increase your reach in addition to donating.

Ask local businesses: Go and ask local businesses to donate to you. You may be surprised by how many people will help. If you frequent their business, be sure to mention that.

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