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2015 Youth Center Inauguration Weekend in Dominican Republic August 28 – 30

July 9th, 2015

Photo1647We are excited to announce the Inauguration of the Derrumbadero Youth Center, and we want you to be there!

Over the last two years, dozens of Bridges to Community volunteers and generous donors, along with hardworking community members, came together to make this unique project a reality, and it’s time to celebrate that.  If you were a volunteer, donor, or supporter of this unique, community and youth-driven, sustainable project, then please come celebrate with us the weekend of August 28th!

As you know, the idea for this project started as a hopeful dream shared by a group of young people in the community.  This week, we will be opening its doors to the dozens of youth that worked every day to ensure the building’s construction, and that will be able to utilize the center for recreation, homework, workshops, play, and positive social interaction and growth for years to come.

We have a fun-filled celebratory weekend planned for this special inauguration weekend! Check out the itinerary!

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Group Type: Special Celebration Trip
Destination: US
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Max Group Size: 20
Cost: $300
Coordinator: Christine Goffredo