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2016 Bricks & Birds – January 30 – February 6

June 24th, 2015

IMG_2700Travel to Jinotega, and work in and explore this beautiful region of Nicaragua. Jinotega is a mountainous region north east of the capital of Managua and enjoys a cool climate. It is known for its coffee plantations and, because of its vast bio-diversity, it is a globally significant conservation area. Bridges and its Canadian sister organization have been working in two rural communities in Jinotega since 2012, building homes, schools and a library.

The first part of the week will be spent working on small construction related projects such a latrines, biodigesters and/or cook stoves for families that are currently in need of those projects.   All of these projects improve the health of the family and in turn the community. These projects provide volunteers a chance to work on a project that does not entail lifting cement blocks and mixing yards of concrete, but does leave behind something that makes a difference in a family’s life.During this time, you will stay at the farm of Dona Benita, who has welcomed us and many Bridges groups before.

The last two days of the trip will be spent visiting the Finca Esperanza Verde, a working organic coffee farm as well as a nature preserve and a sustainable eco-tourism lodge. The lodge offers a great guided birdwatching and hiking program with various levels of difficulty.  There are many other animals and even a butterfly garden where you can help with the care of the butterfly eggs and caterpillars.  They also offer educational experiences around the harvesting of the coffee.

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Group Type: Adults
Destination: USA
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Max Group Size: 20
Cost: $1395
Coordinator: Jill Martin and Lisa Kunstadter