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Nine Months After Receiving Banana Trees, Families Are Seeing the Fruits of Their Labor

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

After 2 category-5 hurricanes hit Nicaragua in late 2020, the havoc left behind was devastating. Farmers were left with little of their crops, losing an important source of income and sustenance for their families. With the support of BTC, these families are now eating, selling, and sharing their ample banana crops with relatives and friends.

Some families also took the opportunity to plant beans and cocoa trees in the same banana fields, allowing them to save on planting space, economize fertilizers and agricultural work, and harvest more diverse crops.

This project will continue to have long-lasting benefits for communities. Each banana tree will propagate 3 to 5 new trees, providing additional harvests and an opportunity to sell the baby plants at market. Bridges to Community is incredibly grateful to all of our donors for their generous support in making this project a reality.

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