Victor Carrasco

December 28th, 2015

VictorCarrascoSince childhood, Victor showed a passion for volunteering his time to better his community. As a youth himself, Victor was part of various social groups that work to improve conditions in rural areas, including Active International 20-30, Student’s Front, Caribbean Youth, and the San Juan Cultural Heart Movement, among others. Prior to joining Bridges, Victor worked as the Community Project Advisor for the organization Women in Community Development, holding workshops and providing trainings for the most vulnerable communities about topics including Community Leadership, Community Participation, Community Development, Motivation, and more. For Victor, it’s a blessing to be part of the Bridges family because he can continue to do what it is that he loves: building community, changing lives.

Christina Balint

December 28th, 2015

Christina Balint, Country Co-DirectorCanadian born, Christina has spent the last 12 years outside of her home country exploring the world. She double majored in Biology & Education as a NCAA Division I soccer scholar athlete in Alabama, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Permaculture certified, an Ayurvedic therapist and has a black belt in Hapkido. She was also an English professor at Youngsan University in Busan, S. Korea for four years. Before working with Bridges, she traveled through Central America for 14 months, helping with and creating various projects related to organic farming, natural construction and sustainable community development. Christina feels exceptionally grateful for her position as Country Co-Director as it pulls together so many of her passions –teaching, environmentalism, nutrition & development.

Jorge Montero

December 28th, 2015

Jorge Montero, Country Co-DirectorJorge Montero is the dynamic Country Co-Director for Bridges to Community Dominican Republic. Born and raised in San Juan, he has worked in sustainable community development for a long time. “Officially, it’s only 5 years,” he explains, but when you include his time as a seminary student and all the volunteering he’s done since a child as a member of his church, he says, smiling, “technically, it’s my whole life!”

Jorge is dedicated to empowering people within his country and helping them improve their quality of life. When he worked for our partner organization, FUNDASEP (Fundacion de Desarrollo Azua, San Juan y Elias Piña) he coordinated various development projects- at one point coordinating 1000 volunteers to complete a housing census in order to identify the true living conditions of his fellow citizens. With BTC he co-established projects in two rural agricultural communities.

Jorge enjoys learning about new cultures and finds Bridges’ approach to cross cultural learning to be inspiring. Jorge is passionate about community development and proud of his culture. One of his favorite things about his country and his people is how open and warm the Dominican culture is and how easily Dominicans open their homes and hearts to new people and invite them into their lives. Jorge is currently studying Modern Languages.